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Fratelli Stellari (Star Brothers) are a group of writers, singers and cabaret artists based in Italy (Florence and Turin). According to some rumours, all members of this band are of alien origin (coming from Orion's Belt), but they hide themselves among the earthlings through pseudonyms and disguises.

They experience various genres of music: pop, dance, disco, funk, electronic; they sing in English, Italian, Spanish and French. Several vocalists belong to the band; among the most representative, we find Stella Demaris, DJoNemesis, Dorien DorionMauna KiRitanne du Lac and La Vecchina dell'Aceto (The Old Lady of Vinegar).

Fratelli Stellari pay attention to their look and often appear in space costumes; sometimes their lyrics are humour-oriented. They usually record at two studios, one in Florence and the other in Turin: Pleyad Studios, which is also the name of their discographic label.

Producers and managers of the band are Fabio Nocentini and Giuseppe Ciucci.

Their first album, "Aglien Discomix", includes 16 pop-dance-electronic songs with alien vocals and particular effects (flangers, phasers, reverberations, ufo noises and similar). This release is a compact disc and a digital album; the latter can be found on the most important websites for music (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and other).

Another release by Fratelli Stellari is the single entitled "Ufo Dance (Space Edit)", a long track in a disco-dance style, with vocals in English.

Fratelli Stellari's second album, "Nightflight to Planet X", is inspired by the supposed Ninth Planet of our Solar System. In this release you find 8 pop-funk-dance-electronic tracks with vocals in English, Italian, Spanish and French.

The second single is "Milky Way Super Mix", an extended dance-electronic mix (duration 10 minutes). "Matres Alienorum" is a pop-dance track dedicated to the Three Mothers of an alien race.

The third album, published in July 2016, is "Galactic Sound": it contains 8 tracks with vocals in various languages.

Other releases are: "50 Sfumature di Alieno" (digital single), "Advent of the Space Gods" (digital album and compact disc), "Les Trois Mères - Deep Space Mix" (digital single), "Instrumental Hits Vol. 1" (digital album), "Instrumental Hits Vol. 2" (digital album), "Milky Way Super Mix (Instrumental)" (digital single, extended play).

In May 2018 Fratelli Stellari released their fourth album, including 12 tracks: "Electrowave". In March 2019 they published "Electrowave Instrumental".

All the tracks recorded by Fratelli Stellari and DJoNemesis & Lilly can be listened for free on Spotify, Deezer and Bandcamp.

The group has published two books written in Italian: "Dall'Egitto con Furore" ("From Egypt with Fury") and "50 Sfumature di Alieno" ("50 Shades of Alien"); the publisher is